Orion Sun – A Collection of Fleeting Moments And Daydreams (2020)

  • Artist or Band: Orion Sun
  • Album: A Collection of Fleeting Moments And Daydreams
  • Genre: Rhythm and blues
  • The Year: 2020
  • The Format: MP3 320Kbps
  • Rar/Zip File Size: 55 MB

Album Tracklist:
01 – Orion
02 – Antidote
03 – Mirage
04 – Space Jam – An Odyssey
05 – Valentine
06 – Betterrr (Live)
07 – Waiting in the Car (Interlude)
08 – Intoxicated
09 – Water (Antidote, Pt. 2)
10 – Mango (Freestyle / Process)
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