Bubby Lewis – Hero Dynasty (2019)

  • Artist or Band: Bubby Lewis
  • Album: Hero Dynasty
  • Genre: Rhythm and blues
  • The Year: 2019
  • The Format: MP3 / FLAC
  • Quality: 320Kbps / Lossless
  • Rar/Zip File Size: 165 MB / 384 MB

Album Tracklist:
01 – Game of Life
02 – Ancient Tusk
03 – Hero
04 – Dream
05 – Naboo
06 – Mother Dear
07 – Miss & Love
08 – All Things
09 – My Dear
10 – Thy Brother
11 – Blossom Planet
12 – Anyhow
13 – Magic and Wonder
14 – Perseverance
15 – What It is
16 – Until
17 – Friends
18 – Game of Life (Reprise)
2019 release. Hero Dynasty finds Bubby joining many of his friends and peers as a member of the independent artist community and delivering a project that does much more than show off his chops on the bass. Hero Dynasty is a reflection of the man, complete with electronic sounds and expressive jazz solos. What sets the album apart and makes it compelling to anyone with ears are the songs. Yes, through collaboration with many special guests (Jhene Aiko, Josef Leimberg, Taku Yabuki, Brandon Coleman, etc) Bubby Lewis presents an array of songs that explore his interests without self-indulgence. Songs that one can relate to regardless of setting – a perfect example being the lead single ‘Miss & Love’ with Jhene. A statement on love, of those that have passed and those that have left or been left behind, ‘Miss & Love’ beautifully expresses a feeling that we all know. Throughout the album, one can sense and appreciate the world of reflection and kindness that Bubby lives and strives for, leaving you with a sense of peace.
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